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At Life & Legacy Concepts, we're dedicated to demystifying the complexities of your finances, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, and guiding you towards financial control. We're not just here to advise – we're here to accompany you every step of the way, ensuring your money works for you.


Our Leadership

Marcy Predmore, Senior Partner

Erin Veile, Partner

Stephanie Schleiger, Executive Assistant



Marcy Predmore

Senior Partner

In the ever-changing landscape of financial strategies, Marcy Predmore stands out as the Owner and Senior Partner at Life & Legacy Concepts. With a profound belief that hope is not a financial strategy, Marcy has dedicated her career to redefining legacy creation. At Life & Legacy Concepts, they go beyond conventional approaches, creating a financial picture that serves as a strong foundation for generations to come.

Marcy is on a mission to disrupt the dis-EASE in the financial system, emphasizing that understanding how your money works is key. Her mantra, "It's not what you make, it's how much you keep," underscores the importance of a simple cash flow system. This system helps individuals comprehend the basics of money, its history, usage, saving, spending, and investment.

Life & Legacy Concepts, under Marcy's leadership, guides people in creating velocity with their money, ensuring that they not only keep more but also optimize taxation and secure their legacy. The firm's roadmap and tools are built on three core principles:

Control of Your Money: Marcy and her team teach individuals how to be in control of their finances, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Access to Your Money: Life & Legacy Concepts goes beyond traditional banking, helping clients create their own financial institution. Through taxation, investing, saving, and creating velocity, clients can access and utilize their money more effectively.

Changing Thinking Around Money: Marcy advocates for a paradigm shift in thinking about money. By changing perspectives and embracing prosperity thinking, individuals can expand opportunities, experiences, and create a positive impact on their lives and the lives of future generations.

Marcy's personal journey adds depth to her expertise. Raised in Estes Park, Colorado, she faced challenges as a single mother but turned them into opportunities. Starting with a beauty shop, she later ventured into the insurance industry, where she discovered the Infinite Banking Concept in 2014. This concept became the cornerstone of her success, leading her to mentorship and ultimately reshaping her career path.

Life & Legacy Concepts is not just a business; it's a family legacy. Marcy collaborates with her daughter-in-law, Erin, to lead a financial revolution. As passionate educators, they guide clients not only in financial matters but also in understanding the intricacies of the Infinite Banking model.

For Marcy, building comfort with finances is akin to summiting a mountain. She understands the fears, misinformation, and lack of awareness that many individuals face. Through education, consultation, and mentorship, Marcy strives to make the journey to financial clarity feel less daunting.

In a fast-paced business landscape, Marcy Predmore and Life & Legacy Concepts stand as beacons of financial wisdom and legacy creation. Let them guide you on the path to financial empowerment and help you create a lasting legacy for yourself and generations to come.


Erin Veile


Erin Veile, a Partner at Life & Legacy Concepts, brings over 15 years of invaluable experience to the financial industry. What sets Erin apart is her distinct approach, viewing the intricacies of the financial world through the lens of a mother of school-aged children. Her journey mirrors that of many individuals who seek to balance the demands of raising a family, being a wife, and running a successful organization.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those yearning for more in their professional lives, Erin recognizes the desire to create a legacy that extends to future generations. As the daughter-in-law of Marcy Predmore, Senior Partner at Life & Legacy Concepts, Erin is an integral part of a family-driven business that places a strong emphasis on a foundation built on familial bonds.

Erin's unique message resonates with those navigating the complexities of combining family responsibilities with aspirations for personal and financial growth. She speaks to individuals who may be working traditional jobs but harbor the ambition to carve out a path that secures a better future for themselves and their families. Erin guides them through the transition into a realm where they hold the tools to shape their destiny and that of their descendants.

Erin's journey reflects the challenges and triumphs that many can relate to. A native of Colorado, she is the proud mother of two children – a boy and a girl. Her son, who is 9 years old, has special needs, adding an extra layer of determination to Erin's character. Her husband's role as a firefighter further emphasizes the importance of resilience and support in their family.

As a child raised by a single mother, Erin was no stranger to the challenges life could throw her way. Instead of being deterred, she embraced these realities, cultivating a strong sense of hustle and an innate knack for problem-solving. This gritty determination became the cornerstone of her meticulous planning and unwavering commitment to detail.

Erin's career trajectory started in banking, where she dedicated nearly a decade of her professional life. However, the birth of her son with health challenges prompted a shift into the role of a caretaker. Despite taking a break, Erin's thirst for a fulfilling career and a desire to help others succeed led her back to the workforce. She pursued further education, obtained her insurance license, and has been actively practicing ever since.

The journey from a comfortable position to the unknown was daunting for Erin, echoing the fears many face when contemplating change. Her story embodies the courage to step out of one's comfort zone in pursuit of something more significant.

At Life & Legacy Concepts, Erin collaborates with Marcy Predmore to redefine legacy creation in today's ever-changing landscape. They offer a comprehensive financial picture, emphasizing a simple cash flow system that covers the basics of money, its history, usage, saving, spending, and investment.


Our History

  • Summer of 2015
    While attending a conference, Marcy Predmore, the Founder of Life and Legacy Concepts, had a big realization. Even though she felt sure about what she knew, she discovered there was a lot more she didn't know.
  • Spring 2016
    Fueled by this newfound awareness, Marcy embarked on the journey of creating an educational platform, laying the groundwork for what would become Life and Legacy Concepts. As spring turned to summer, she took to the skies, crisscrossing the country to conduct workshops, meeting people where they were in their financial journeys.
  • 2017
    The turning point arrived as Life and Legacy Concepts secured coveted spots on major stages, finally able to share their message about financial empowerment to a broader audience.
  • 2018-2019
    With momentum building, the team at Life and Legacy Concepts continued to refine personal and business strategies, applying the foundational principles to real-world scenarios.
  • 2020
    A significant milestone was reached as the team expanded, and the platform was fortified, enabling Life and Legacy Concepts to reach even more individuals with their transformative message.
  • 2021
    Responding to the growing demand for their insights, Life and Legacy Concepts launched a podcast, sparking a surge in community engagement and connection.
  • 2022
    As technical capabilities grew, the team ventured out to new horizons, becoming a full-fledged company of educators and trainers, spreading their message far and wide.
  • 2024
    With a fresh rebranding initiative, Life and Legacy Concepts renewed its commitment to building a solid foundation. Excited to shift focus towards a family-centric roadmap, they anticipated an even greater impact in the years to come.